Support us!

The BAZ started its activities in 2014 and seeks to continue to finance its activities through donations. The BAZ urgently needs additional financial support to cover its running costs, such as the rent, electric bills, etc.

All of the people working for the center are volunteers without pay, with the exception of one person responsible for coordinating our efforts and who is paid a small salary (a so-called Mini-job).If you are interested in supporting our team of volunteers, just show up or send us an email. We would really appreciate all support at any time!

There are many areas in which your help is needed! Just wirte us an E-Mail at

or come to our next newcomer-plenary on the 06.07. at 8pm in the AK Asyl (above the Café Kabale, Geismar Landstr. 19). This will happen every first Wednesday of the month.

Internet café
You can spare a few hours per week? Come to the baz to make the free internet access for refugees in Friedland possible!

Public relations and fundraising
You know about public relations work and fundraising? We need people who help to secure the long-term financial situation of the baz!

Counseling in the asylum process
You are familiar with the German asylum law or would like to learn about the topic and you want to work in an independent counseling centre? We need you to inform refugees about their rights and support them in taking the hurdles of the asylum procedure ahead of them!

Bycicle-repair *wo*men* needed
You like to repair bikes, renovate or are a do-it-yourself enthusiast? We need you for the maintenance of the bikes and repair and renovation work in the baz!

You speak Arabic, Farsi/Dari, Tigrinya, Urdu, Pashtu or Kurdish? We need you to help improve the communication in the baz!

Leisure activities
You have a great hobby that you would like to share with refugees? We need you to broaden the range of leisure activities for refugees in Friedland!

Teaching german
You can teach German? We need you to enhance the opportunities of learning German for refugees!

Go Gender equality!
You would like to support especially women* in their rights and migration process? Become part of our women*s group!

Beratungs- und Aktionszentrum Friedland