The baz counseling centre will have a break

The BAZ (Beratungs- und Aktionszentrum) is an independent center for counseling and political action. Free of any charge we provide information, counseling and legal advice on refugee’s rights during the approval-of-asylum process.
Furthermore, we help to establish contacts with other counseling centers and lawyers. We do not cooperate with governmental offices and agencies. At the BAZ, you could participate in language courses, meetings and a range of other activities. In our rooms, you had opportunities to meet others over a cup of coffee or tea as well as access to the internet. As no free internet is available at the camp, the baz was always full of people.
In April 2015, our rental agreement was cancelled by the landlord for September 30th. There were many complaints of neighbors about the high frequentation of the center and the disturbance of the neighborhood.
We feel sorry about this and at the same time see a big need to stay active in Friedland, show solidarity and offer counseling for the refugees in the camp. By the end of the year, we would like to move into new rooms to continue with our project. Until then, we remain available on our homepages and you can also reach us via mail. Donations and support are still very welcome.